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At BPQ, we offer two types of products to meet the needs of our clients.

Custom-made precast concrete parts.

Do you have a construction project with specific precast concrete needs? Our team will be more than happy to put its creativity to the service of your project and recommend customized plans and ingenious solutions.


BPQ specializes in manufacturing custom-made precast concrete parts. From the drawing board to plant production, we manufacture unique, high-quality products that correspond to the exact specifications of our clients. When we oversee a custom project, we rely on our in-depth skills to support and advise our clients.


Mandates may require several fields of expertise:

  • Pre-project consultation (pre-feasibility and budget)

  • Adapting precast solutions to your projects

  • Concept design

  • Production and research and development


An ingenious design, ease of installation, and product accuracy: that’s what we strive for every day.


That allows our team to create products that are fully adapted to your needs while taking into account the specifics of your project. The experience we’ve developed over the years allows us to offer a nearly endless amount of solutions using precast parts of all shapes and sizes.


Simplify your construction projects and save time: a unique part will be delivered directly to your worksite and will include a simple and efficient layout plan.


The benefits of precast concrete parts

Designed in a manufacturing plant, precast concrete parts come with a multitude of benefits: control over every phase of production, high-quality product, and delivery of the part directly at the worksite at a pre-determined date. Precast concrete is an affordable solution and can produce parts of nearly any shape or form. Precast concrete could be an advantageous option that simplifies your construction project.

  • Reduces the risk of accidents: fewer employees on your worksite.

  • Less time required to complete your project: if you’ve chosen to rely on our custom solution, precast parts will be cast as the other phases of your project begin. When you are ready to install the part, all you need to do is install it. In addition, it takes less time to install than with formwork. You’ll save on accommodation costs and employee transportation.

  • Accessible at all times: Our plant produces parts year-round, which allows projects to progress even in the winter.

  • Efficient manufacturing process: our plant’s controlled environment has a significant impact on the price and quality of precast concrete parts. Manufacturing parts in a plant simplifies the process, which allows us to produce parts with incredibly intricate details. Our manufacturing process and efficient eco-friendly practices minimize our impact on the environment, water consumption, and waste production.

  • Efficiency at the worksite: our precast concrete solutions are easy to install and will save you a considerable amount of time at your worksite. Choosing to work with precast concrete also means avoiding delays caused by bad weather. You’ll save time at the worksite and the costs associated with workforce, transportation, accidents, housing infrastructure, and much more!

  • Lower impact: constructing buildings, foundations, or any other type of structure built with our innovative precast concrete solutions will reduce the environmental impact on the worksite and nearby zones.

  • Durability: the lifespan of our products is between 60 to 100 years. Compared to other materials, our solution reduces the environmental impact by half. Precast concrete is a high-performance option that has proven its long-term durability in extreme weather that can damage materials of lesser quality. Precast concrete resists various types of deterioration due to extreme weather, chemicals, fire, and accidental damage.

  • Low maintenance: indoor and outdoor structures made with precast concrete require less maintenance than buildings constructed with other materials.

  • Fewer accidents: by reducing construction time for work at height, formwork tasks, scaffolding, framework handling, and concreting, there are lower risks of worksite accidents.

  • End of life alternatives: the end of life of a building does not mean the end of the precast concrete installed in that building. Instead of incinerating or disposing the structures, you can give them a second life and fully take advantage of the product’s eco-friendliness.


Here are some ways to reuse precast concrete:


  • Uninstall and reinstall on another worksite.

  • Grind and reuse as aggregate in signage or for roads

Standard precast concrete products

 We have a full range of high-quality, standard precast concrete products such as jersey barriers, blocks, sign bases, parking curbs, etc.

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